The rumor of a Sequel: Titanic 2

Titanic 2Cut the chitchats on a sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Titanic. In as much as I wanted one too and was nearly convinced that there is one—well guys—it’s not happening.

Movie records search shows that there is no such thing as a Titanic sequel. The said trailer that took everyone who saw it wondering whether there is a sequel is actually a mash of movies created by a guy named Robert Blankenheim. Using the pseudoname Derek Johnson, Robert used 23 movies, editing scenes and putting them all together, to create the trailer to the so called Sequel Titanic Two the Surface.

This version of the sequel’s plot focuses after the time Rose threw the “heart of the ocean” pendant to the sea.   The same expedition team went underwater to look for it again but found something else instead—a frozen Jack, Rose’s lover. Jack was defrosted and was taken to a medical facility where the government seemed to lock him up for further studies. He then escapes making him a wanted man by the authorities, but as he tries to run from them he also discovers that everything he ever knew was gone—especially Rose.

Records SearchSince the first release of this trailer, Titanic Two the Surface has already gained many visits from curious fans everywhere, especially after it was featured in magazines and other media forms. At present the video can be found at sites such as CNN Headline News, VH1 Best Week Ever Blog, Yahoo, and You Tube (where the creator himself posted the video using his pseudo). The said video in You Tube alone received 9,867,939 views since it was posted April 5. 2006. This also caused people to go instant people search on who is “Derek Johnson”.

Another copy was made by Robert, which is presently posted in You Tube, this time using his own name. He had conceived the idea of the said sequel five years ago but was unfortunate not to make it then due to lack of technical skills in using the software needed in making it like Adobe After Effects and Lightwave.

Background check on the trailer shows it has used 23 films and was made for months and months before it became the phenomena that shook all those who have seen it. Listed below are the movies where the clips were taken:

  1. Titanic
  2. The Abyss
  3. Demolition Man
  4. Austin Powers
  5. The Basketball Diaries
  6. Hulk
  7. In the Mouth of Madness
  8. Romeo + Juliet
  9. Escape from Alcatraz
  10. The Shawshank Redemption
  11. Con Air
  12. Se7en
  13. The Interpreter
  14. Catch Me If You Can
  15. Primal Fear
  16. The Fugitive
  17. Forever Young
  18. The Beach
  19. Spider-Man 2
  20. The Aviator
  21. UHF
  22. Contact (audio)
  23. The Bourne Supremacy (audio)

Robert “Derek Johnson” Blankeheim is a 25 year old graduate of Chapman University. He is presently residing in Los Angeles CA. find out more about him and check out the trailer at

At present public records search shows Titanic Two the Surface holds the record for highest number of movies used in a mash trailer. Check it out and enjoy.

13 responses to “The rumor of a Sequel: Titanic 2

  1. U know they really could make a titanic 2 in roses point of view after her lover, Jack dies and I really would LOVE 2 see a sequel even if the tianic DID

  2. Yea I first found that vid a few months back and i got totally excited i wish they really were goin 2 make a sequel

  3. for somuut that was made by him tht wos fuckin god damn exitin id love to see it tho i hate him the freak for makin it up i had my hopes up ima look this guy up the stupid person
    😦 i wont to see one but at the end of the first one she dies doesnt she in her sleep ?

  4. hats off to u Robert Blankenheim, u have done a gr8 job. hope u will be successful in the future with real films.

  5. id luv to see titanic 2 i mean its the best movie ever to be created so id love 2 watch a 2nd titanic as the 1st 1 made history!!!!!

  6. i have spent my whole day on the web trying to see this movie. i was so excited that jack was back then found out the truth boooo¡¡¡¡¡ SOMEONE should really make this movie i think it would be a huge hit i know that would like be one of the first to it.

  7. When I wacthed one and jack dies I was so sad I wish that jack did not die and that jack and rose really did do all those things that they were going to do

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