Shooting the Moon: the feel good song for the needing-a-friend

For those who have seen the movie New Moon and got hooked up with the blooming friendship of Bella and Jacob, then Shooting on the Moon has the biggest possibility to be part of your playlists.

Recent Public records search shows the New Moon soundtrack soaring high on the billboard charts. This sequel to the vampire hit movie based on the bestselling book with the same title, Twilight, has a full blast of indie music to fill more emotions and help describe the ups and downs of Bella’s life; one of these songs that sure did catch my attention is Jacob and Bella’s song Shooting on the Moon. Shooting the moon

It gives that juice for Beatle’s simplicity. It’s that feel good song in a frustrated set of lyrics. It’s surprisingly good that makes you feel comforted. The difficulty in getting what you desire seems to be eased up by the song. It’s like an advice going with drums and guitar. Speaking of drums and guitar, Shooting on the Moon is one of those songs that friends can easily jam to.

Imagine a group of youth hanging out in the park or at the school grounds. It seems to speak of their way of life. The complications of an adolescent life and how they wish to go for their wants; for the popular kid who wish to be better than ever, for the geek who wants to be invisible from bullies, and for the emo who wishes to change the world.

With records search revealing how stress and depression affecting the youth this is one song that speaks and advices a person to take things easy and not to get hung up on worries. Background check on the OK Go, the group who gives us this friendship song: they are a rock band that originated in Chicago presently they are in Los Angeles.

The band was formed during 1998 and released two studio albums. They have already won a Grammy in 2007 for their song Here it goes Again for the Best Short-form Music video. This is another energetic hit from OK Go. Shooting the Moon is a definite music recommend for the young at heart—troubled, frustrated, or merely dreaming—in you.

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