The Classical Mood in the Twilight Saga

I don’t know whether people are bombarded already or the opposite—can’t get enough—of Twilight! To be honest I have no idea how many fans are screaming Robert Pattinson’s or Taylor Lautner’s name nowadays, but yours truly, must admit, is definitely hooked up with the craze (minus the boy craze most teenage girls go gaga). Read the books and loved it and seeing it on the big screens made it even better. Everything came to life; from mere words to something more tangible by the eyes. What’s more is the music.

Background check on the vampire, Edward Cullen, gives us a clear characterization a very musical person especially in the field of playing the piano. This made me doubly curious as to what was the softly-played-music-that-went-to-a-rise-while-it-was-being-played, plus the fact that it went to a stronger melody, sounds like.

The Classical music of Twilight was perhaps, what I can say, the pedestal of the whole movie. Edward’s piano composition coming to life is something that has captured most audiences, especially those who have read the books and are wondering what does Bella’s Lullaby sounds like. And ever since it first came into alive in the big screens (especially the soundtracks) it is not so hard to find a person perfectly caught up to orchestra, instrumentals, and online video tutorials on how to play Carter Burrell’s Bella’s Lullaby.

With New Moon hitting big waves in the box office, as seen in every public records search on movies in the internet, the classical creation of Alexandre Desplat is definitely a new favorite for the Twi-hard fans that has gotten into the fully instrumental music. In less than a month, records search even has You Tube as a resource of piano tutorials on how to play this piece.

From Carter Burwell to Alexandre Desplat, even Robert Pattinson also gave it a try as he submitted his own version of Bella’s Lullaby when they were still looking for the right piece (but we all know who won in this round).

We can all remember Alexandre Desplat in most of his movie involvement. One of the most memorable music he has played was for the movie Mr. Mangorium’s Wonder Imporium. It was such an amazing piece that up until this moment my heart won’t stop feeling the melody. Now he has done it again with New Moon.

Background check shows how people today enjoys variety of music nowadays, but it seems classical music has been left away. Now with Twilight Saga on the loose and with fans screaming Edward and Bella love tandem things has definitely taken a turn for people to love such music.