Michael Buble’s Best Feel Good Songs: Everything and Haven’t Met You Yet

My brother has a copy of this song in his cell phone: Michael Buble’s “Everything” is one of the best feel good songs I have ever heard. It was soft and it was sang smoothly (what cold you expect from Michael Buble except the best).

Everything speaks of overcoming every obstacle there is with love and with togetherness. He describes “that special person as every positive thing that takes away every bad thing”. For every object associated with fun he connects it with that special person. She became his shooting star, his light, his carousel; all that may be childish at times yet makes everything turn out okay. The video on the other hand shows him in this empty studio or warehouse as he sort of search for people with the right kind of act. It was thrilling honestly although I can’t help but think whether the person was

Ever since I heard that song I downloaded it immediately for my own cellular phone and was my ringtone for a month. Can’t get enough of it really, it’s like hugging a teddy bear or a little girl while he sings that song for someone. It may be romantic at some point but somehow what made it perfect is that imagination when you see it with a little girl, two best buddies, parent and child, etcetera.  It’s like a certain hugger for the bad times.  For me it’s that little kid that says “I’m your sunshine”, with tiny hands that reach out—now that’s everything in one little kid called yours. It’s a crazy life honestly and having that one little tot as yours gives you that smiling moment.


For every person waiting for that one special person to brighten out their days: Another feel good song from Buble that can change every hopeless romantic and even those heartbroken pips change their minds about taking in love in their hearts once more: Haven’t Met You Yet

This is one song that would definitely find a person quirky and feeling enlightened. It was a cute video as well. There’s a certain thrill in it as he went shopping at the grocers. I mean imagine yourself one moment wondering where’s that one person who can make you smile and all of a sudden there she is (well Michael Buble’s the one singing) right there just in front of you. I like the line where he said to work out and to meet that one great love: “I guess it’s half timin’, and the other half’s luck,” The rest of the pieces I like are:

“Wherever you are
Whenever it’s right
You’ll come outta nowhere and into my life.”

Background check on every love story known to man will definitely tell you that there’s truth in those lyrics, especially when he sings that he is so positive that they can be amazing and that there is possibility in everything because of her love. Things will turn out at the right place and at the right time and the rest is history. Things will work out like fitting pieces of jigsaw puzzles together.

It’s like falling in love with someone you haven’t met. And when that time comes it’ll all be perfect.

For your public records search of these songs’ videos; they can be found in You Tube—just right at Michael Buble’s page. These are truly the songs to perk that lonely life and encourage loving and loving no matter how many times your heart gets broken or frustrated or whatever that makes it down.