Whitney Houston: Singing in Sydney

Taking her new album all over the world, Whitney Houston was spotted giving a concert in Sydney, Australia today (February 24).

The “I’m Every Woman” songstress took the stage at the Acer Arena for a hit-laden show, despite the recent rumors that she’s lost her edge.

According to a report, Houston’s concert on February 22nd left something to be desired, as many attendees have been demanding a refund.

Whitney was said to look exhausted and breathless during the show, taking numerous breaks to catch her breath throughout the set.

Concert promoter Andrew McManus exclaimed, “What happened to the Australian positive support of someone who has seen difficult times, and is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see – and they want to ridicule Whitney?”

You Tube: the Gateway to Fame

Many are called but few are chosen…then again there is You Tube to start with just in case.

With the miles and miles and miles that the Internet has reached out, getting popular and being seen has shown limitless possibilities for people to show off what their opinions, and talents, are. Even our favorite programs, lessons we missed and those who just want to make documentaries and talks shows (that at times are freaky) are broadcasted through this medium. No wonder Information Overload is the newest illness in town. However, in as much as we become more dependent on the magnitude the internet can provide us with (with regards to communication and information), this has also become the gateway to some of today’s budding stars as there background check shows.

Charice Pempengco of the Philippines gained much attention and fame as a Filipino fan posted her video on You Tube. It was until Ellen De Genres and Oprah Winfrey got her as a guest and asked her to sing on their shows that the world got fixated on this Filipina wonder that can belt and express her singing prowess more than those compared to her age according to records search. She is just one of many who got her name known to every household.

There are more like Charice. Public records search gives another sensation who posted herself singing songs from popular RnB and pop singers got her way to stardom and presently, and recently, released her album entitled “Breathing Water”.  Marie Digby’s rendition of Umbrella was much better than the original and got many people fixated on that beautiful acoustic singer on You Tube. At present she has music videos of her where she guests in shows plus her worldwide premier of her song “Say it Again” which played endlessly on radios.

Charice and Marie are just two reasons why most of us even find a person are getting pretty hooked up with watching You Tube videos. Meanwhile it was by luck that yours truly stumble upon his video followed by their duet till I got to see her original composition sang on video.

His name is Ben Sharkey. While watching Michael Buble’s “haven’t met you yet” video, the side scroll bar showing other related videos revealed another rendition of Buble’s song by Sharkey. Getting fixated on a video from this guy was like saying “I think I love you”. He sang Buble’s song with such fun that one can’t help singing along.  There was one song that he sang together with another YouTube star.

Her name is Tuana Mey. It was one of the Ben Sharkey’s posted video that I got to know her. She is beautiful and she reminded me of Norah Jones-slash-Vanessa Carlton. She also has her own set of videos which showcases her talent not only in singing but also in songwriting. Most of her posts were actually her compositions—one, which caught my attention that I have to play it over and over again—is “don’t say goodbye”.

Charice, Marie, Ben and Tuana are just a few of You Tube’s talents. At present there are still many whom wish to reach fame and have posted their talents on the said site. They even have their Twitter accounts just in case. There are more that I’m sure people would want to look forward for.

Beyonce still ‘shaking’ at Grammy win

Beyonce Knowles is still ‘shaking’ by her record-breaking Grammys win.

The ‘Halo’ singer picked up six honours at the prestigious ceremony last month – a record for a female artist – and is still in shock about her stunning haul.

She told Us Weekly magazine: “I am still overwhelmed by Grammy night. I can’t believe I set a record. I am so thankful to everyone – my family, my friends, the label. I have worked so hard and it seems that it all paid off in that one night. I am still shaking.”

While her win came as a shock to her, it didn’t surprise husband Jay-Z – because his wife is

so “magnificent”.

The ’99 Problems’ rapper said: “It’s almost got to a point where you just, you know, you’re almost numb to it because she’s so magnificent every single time.”

Beyonce, 28, also performed at the ceremony, covering Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know’, as well as singing her own song ‘If I Were A Boy’, and Jay-Z admits he never felt so proud of her.

He said: “I’m a fan, you know, I’m a big fan.”

Beyonce’s wins took her total of Grammys to 16, another record for a female artist.

Allison Moorer, “Crows”

A mild earthquake shook northern Illinois this morning. rying to pigeonhole the restlessly creative Allison Moorer remains as gratifyingly fruitless as ever. Her latest release (and Ryko debut), “Crows,” finds the erstwhile Nashville fixture moving further away from country music and the roots rock she explored on her two albums for Sugar Hill Records. Embracing an approach presaged on “Mockingbird,” her Buddy Miller-produced 2008 covers album, “Crows” opts for a mostly stripped-down acoustic sound that provides the perfect setting for Moorer’s marvelous, R&B-inflected voice. With the compositions on “Crows” alternating in tone between hopeful and foreboding, Moorer explores themes of regret, loss and new beginnings with a deft hand and some of the best singing of her career. Highlights include “It’s Gonna Feel Good (When It Stops Hurting),” the lovely title track and the affecting piano ballad “Easy in the Summertime,” a reflection on her Alabama childhood.-Louis Hau.

Michael Buble’s Best Feel Good Songs: Everything and Haven’t Met You Yet

My brother has a copy of this song in his cell phone: Michael Buble’s “Everything” is one of the best feel good songs I have ever heard. It was soft and it was sang smoothly (what cold you expect from Michael Buble except the best).

Everything speaks of overcoming every obstacle there is with love and with togetherness. He describes “that special person as every positive thing that takes away every bad thing”. For every object associated with fun he connects it with that special person. She became his shooting star, his light, his carousel; all that may be childish at times yet makes everything turn out okay. The video on the other hand shows him in this empty studio or warehouse as he sort of search for people with the right kind of act. It was thrilling honestly although I can’t help but think whether the person was

Ever since I heard that song I downloaded it immediately for my own cellular phone and was my ringtone for a month. Can’t get enough of it really, it’s like hugging a teddy bear or a little girl while he sings that song for someone. It may be romantic at some point but somehow what made it perfect is that imagination when you see it with a little girl, two best buddies, parent and child, etcetera.  It’s like a certain hugger for the bad times.  For me it’s that little kid that says “I’m your sunshine”, with tiny hands that reach out—now that’s everything in one little kid called yours. It’s a crazy life honestly and having that one little tot as yours gives you that smiling moment.


For every person waiting for that one special person to brighten out their days: Another feel good song from Buble that can change every hopeless romantic and even those heartbroken pips change their minds about taking in love in their hearts once more: Haven’t Met You Yet

This is one song that would definitely find a person quirky and feeling enlightened. It was a cute video as well. There’s a certain thrill in it as he went shopping at the grocers. I mean imagine yourself one moment wondering where’s that one person who can make you smile and all of a sudden there she is (well Michael Buble’s the one singing) right there just in front of you. I like the line where he said to work out and to meet that one great love: “I guess it’s half timin’, and the other half’s luck,” The rest of the pieces I like are:

“Wherever you are
Whenever it’s right
You’ll come outta nowhere and into my life.”

Background check on every love story known to man will definitely tell you that there’s truth in those lyrics, especially when he sings that he is so positive that they can be amazing and that there is possibility in everything because of her love. Things will turn out at the right place and at the right time and the rest is history. Things will work out like fitting pieces of jigsaw puzzles together.

It’s like falling in love with someone you haven’t met. And when that time comes it’ll all be perfect.

For your public records search of these songs’ videos; they can be found in You Tube—just right at Michael Buble’s page. These are truly the songs to perk that lonely life and encourage loving and loving no matter how many times your heart gets broken or frustrated or whatever that makes it down.

For the Romantic Movie Junkee: Runaway Bride

In one of the many movie marathons me and my sister do, there are only a few which I consider as something great for me to enjoy. I have always love romantic comedies and have always—always—take into consideration these types of movies which star Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway and most especially Julia Roberts, one movie in particular is The Runaway bride.

Julia plays Maggie Carpenter, a spirited young woman who had numerous unsuccessful relationships were three of which she left at the altar as she runs away. The running she does got her the call “Runaway Bride”.

Playing opposite to her is Richard Gere who plays Ike Graham, a reporter and columnist at a paper owned by his ex wife. As he search for people who can inspire him for a write-up, Ike got himself a topic after meeting with one of Maggie’s jilted ex-fiancés,. Unfortunately, the information he had gained from the said ex got him fired. To redeem himself and to get his job back, Ike now covers the life of Maggie in an investigative report on her life and her presently up-coming 4th wedding. Things got complicated however when Ike and Maggie fell in love.

It’s a great and funny story about a jittery feet girl who finally found someone who knew her than she did herself. It’s a vibrating new type of story which took a decade to develop. Records search shows it had a line-up of fine calibers of actors to play Maggie and Ike. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere completely did the film justice as their chemistry is perfect. This is not their first team up. It can be recalled the Julia’s star to fame started when she became the lead actress in Pretty Woman, where Gere was her leading man.

Perfect for a movie marathon, runaway bride gives that total love struck energy for those who are in love and just want to feel the love.

Music Recommend: Love will show you everything

I first heard this song when my cousin recommended that I see the film If Only which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls, as Sam and Ian. In the movie they play lovers where Ian witnessed the death of his girlfriend Sam, after they had a fight—thankfully this was all a dream as he finds himself waking to relive the day before Sam’s death.

Music records search gives Love will show you everything—a song included in the movie’s original soundtrack featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vocal prowess. This was said to be the song she composed for Ian, that during their recital, Ian secretly distributes the notes and have her sing on stage. It was one of the movie’s proudest moments—romantic—and the song: a perfect definition that love is something that helps man grows.

The song gives a strong impact especially as it rises to higher notes plus the backup singers. The lyrics on the other hand was simple and less poetic giving a direct message that when a person loves no questions as to the why and the what, even the how is answered since there is no reason at all.

Background check on the song reveals that co-composing the song was Jennifer Love Hewitt who did a great job as she also sings it. It fitted well with her personality just like what it would do to any composers who sing their own music. Another great song from the movie was also Take Your Heart Back which she also co-wrote and sang. It was featured during the last part after the tragedy she went through.

A definite music recommend: Take my heart back gives any listeners the truth it deserves to hear about love—nothing fancy but a direct message of acceptance and growth. It will definitely find a person loving more (And if you have time, watching the film makes it even better).

The Classical Mood in the Twilight Saga

I don’t know whether people are bombarded already or the opposite—can’t get enough—of Twilight! To be honest I have no idea how many fans are screaming Robert Pattinson’s or Taylor Lautner’s name nowadays, but yours truly, must admit, is definitely hooked up with the craze (minus the boy craze most teenage girls go gaga). Read the books and loved it and seeing it on the big screens made it even better. Everything came to life; from mere words to something more tangible by the eyes. What’s more is the music.

Background check on the vampire, Edward Cullen, gives us a clear characterization a very musical person especially in the field of playing the piano. This made me doubly curious as to what was the softly-played-music-that-went-to-a-rise-while-it-was-being-played, plus the fact that it went to a stronger melody, sounds like.

The Classical music of Twilight was perhaps, what I can say, the pedestal of the whole movie. Edward’s piano composition coming to life is something that has captured most audiences, especially those who have read the books and are wondering what does Bella’s Lullaby sounds like. And ever since it first came into alive in the big screens (especially the soundtracks) it is not so hard to find a person perfectly caught up to orchestra, instrumentals, and online video tutorials on how to play Carter Burrell’s Bella’s Lullaby.

With New Moon hitting big waves in the box office, as seen in every public records search on movies in the internet, the classical creation of Alexandre Desplat is definitely a new favorite for the Twi-hard fans that has gotten into the fully instrumental music. In less than a month, records search even has You Tube as a resource of piano tutorials on how to play this piece.

From Carter Burwell to Alexandre Desplat, even Robert Pattinson also gave it a try as he submitted his own version of Bella’s Lullaby when they were still looking for the right piece (but we all know who won in this round).

We can all remember Alexandre Desplat in most of his movie involvement. One of the most memorable music he has played was for the movie Mr. Mangorium’s Wonder Imporium. It was such an amazing piece that up until this moment my heart won’t stop feeling the melody. Now he has done it again with New Moon.

Background check shows how people today enjoys variety of music nowadays, but it seems classical music has been left away. Now with Twilight Saga on the loose and with fans screaming Edward and Bella love tandem things has definitely taken a turn for people to love such music.

Music Recommend: Kevyn Lettau’s Sunlight

Imagine yourself on a bright weekend morning, driving your car, and on your way to a getaway just by yourself—wanting to get away from the hussle and buzzle of city. The car is a convertible and the top was off, this allowed the warm breeze to blow your hair making you tingly and feeling more relaxed and—why not if you’re driving along the countryside. To complete the mood here’s that feel good music playing on your radio: Kevyn Lettau’s Sunlight.

I may have heard the song when I was a kid but the simplicity plus the ease on how it was sang was just fantastic. The song was one of those which a person can really have a positive vibe firstly because of the tune and secondly because of its lyrics.

So it’s Sunlight, a song that, public records search shows, became popular especially in Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan. The song is a part of Kevyn Lettau’s album Simple Life, Most of Lettau’s song was actually written by her. However this one was written by Bill Cantos and Ricky Lawson.

Background check shows Bill Cantos knew Lettau way back when they were kids: He was a childhood friend of Lettau while she was growing up in San Diego. He was 15 when she met him and was already great in playing and singing. The song which he and Lawson composed became a huge hit in the Philippines, giving Lettau the chance to travel the said country and enjoy both scenery and people.

Her album Simple Life was mostly recorded at a studio in Santa Barbara, California about 1 ½ hours away from LA where she lives. JVS record label released the said song in 1992.

What’s good about the song is that it speaks of an optimistic view on a relationship and how a new day starts as they find a person to love. It’s like saying that at the end of the day, after all the trials and mishaps that happen, there is something beautiful ahead of us. Sunlight signifies hope—the light which guides.

Sunlight gave Lettau a home away from home in the Philippines. It was also because of this song that she achieved near-superstardom status. At present background check companies show Lettau as a spokesperson for Philippine Airlines and Sunlife Insurance where the commercials used her song.

Going for a drive or just staying at home, be sure to give yourself a truck load of love by having something positive for a tune. Let a ray of sunlight fill the room, or the car, for that promising great day ahead.

Learning how to play thousand Miles Away and many more fave music in Piano

It’s a craze since I was in College. Well, being part of the choir kind of gets us all excited at how to play the instruments rather than singing. However there was this one music that we kept figuring out how it was played since most of us usually play the piano by ear. There was Rex who can play any instruments from guitar to piano to drums, Jonar who can do the same, and of course the rest of the gang who can go for either piano of guitar. It was a passion…and it was definitely a challenge when the song “A thousand miles” by Vanessa Carlton got to be a big hit. Everyone who can play got interested in getting the notes or at least try to play it oedo style. Unfortunately most of us doesn’t know how to read notes very well and can’t even get the keys since we all range from different pitches plus the song went by very fast. Years later–and much records search browsing–the song hasn’t faded away and the learning continues. Thank God for You Tube and that endless search for people who are very dedicated in sharing what they know, videos are now available showing how to play A thousand Miles and the rest of those favorite songs.

Vanessa Carlton’s A thousand Miles

On top of my list in You Tube videos teaching A thousand Miles is posted by pielepataan.  Her tutorial version of A thousand Miles is very easy to understand plus she sings along. Another thing I noticed about this tutorial is that she gave an easier way to play the bridge, which she devised herself.

Carter Burwell’sBella’s Lullaby

For the Twilight fanatics, there’s this great piano tutorial from xxwhispers. This pianist stated that he (or she) learned the music by ears the day the song was first released. His (or her) version of Bella’s Lullaby may not be so complete lacking the very emotional and soft play of the intro (which I love so much) and there was no instruction, just slow playing then the normal way.  Another site that offers a complete tutorial, with instruction (and intro) however is not as clear with regards to the visual (well, compared to the other site).

Rhianna’s Unfaithful

Unfaithful has always been one of my favorites in terms of the piano recital pieces that struck such strength in the intro. I’ve seen different versions of its piano tutorials, and at present, while I browse You Tube for more versions, I stumble with something clearer, plus a sort of background check where Rhianna (her voice) sings. This was to show how the piano had hit the right notes perfectly well plus there are guidelines as to which keys the pianist was playing (he was playing in b flat). So far this is my best choice of tutorial for Rhianna’s unfaithful .

Sara Bareilles’ Love Song

My last choice for a great piano selection that every girl would really want to play is Sara Bareilles’ Love Song. The best tutorial so far that I’ve seen is by gotitans999 (a personal favorite) who gave a great tutorials (His was one of my choice for video in Rhianna’s Unfaithful). Instant people search on those who have played this song for an online tutorial clearly shows that his Love Song is one of the clearest so far that even beginners can understand. But for those who know how to play the guitar, the keys being hit are those of chords. Bonus from gotitan999 is his website www.playpianoking.com

Going to Vanessa Carlton’s tutorial on how to play A Thousand Miles; I just found this great site offering free video tutorials while I search for people who posted piano instructions on how to play this song (just happen to stumble upon it again). The site www.freepianotutorials.com offers free lessons in piano.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s pretty use to it, there’s no harm in learning to play piano pieces. Videos such as these are great opportunities to hit the way to total musical extraordinaire. It’s time to enjoy piano lessons for free.

Summary: It’s not hard to learn how to play an instrument or two. For those who wish to learn the piano pieces that hit chart lists there are video tutorials that can be seen in the web showing background check on the right keys and techniques. Here are my personal favorites for you to start with.