The Story of the Stuff

The Story of Stuff, made by Annie Leonard, is a short clip about the current situation the world is going through when it comes to the concept of consumerism. Annie starts The Story of Stuff off with defining the process which consumption follows as she starts off with the process of ‘extraction’ which she believes is just a more elegant word for exploiting natural resources. The Story of Stuff animation has a total run time of twenty minutes and has surprised the viewers with how much she has explained in just twenty minutes.

The Story of Stuff has now come out as an audio book which is available online from the sites of Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble, it was released on the internet on the ninth of March and has been read by the author herself, Annie Leonard. The Story of Stuff touches some very important factors which have lead to the decline of national happiness and an almost exponential increment to the toxins that we release into our closed environment.

In The Story of Stuff she talks about how just a few decades ago the average American citizen consumed half as much as he or she did today and she blames this on the strategy that the government has promoted since the fifties which was to create a maximum amount of consumer goods and market them in such a way that the inventory is always on the move. The Story of Stuff book was released after the author was asked by thousands of people to give more details about the short animation that she had come out with.

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