Sandra Bullock Oscar award acceptance speech

An Oscar acceptance speech last night by Sandra Bullock was one of the best by 45-year-old actress while at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Her portrayal of famous Leigh Ann Tuohy in ‘The Blind Side’ enabled Sandra Bullock take home an Oscar in the category of Best Actress.

Actors Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin took stage to start the proceedings at Kodak Theater Hollywood and the Los Angeles California crowds welcomed the duo with wonderful round of applaud. The night observed various Hollywood stars both males and females receiving their Oscars and delivering their respective acceptance speeches.

The big winner of the night was none other than the daughter of an Alabama-German couple 45 years of age Sandra Annettee Bullock. Her father John W. Bullock is from Alabama whereas Helga D. Meyer an opera singer belongs to Germany. Born in Arlington, Virginia Sandra Bullock graced the red carpet on March 7, 2010 wearing a magnificent silver gown when she took stage to receive the honor.

Ever-witty and funny Sandra brought smiles on the faces of everyone present on the graceful occasion even with her opening sentence when she stated: “Did I finally wear all of you down, or did I really earn the Award deservingly?” However, by all means, it was best among the evening’s acceptance speeches, indeed.

She expressed due praise for the fellow nominees and then taking advantage of the opportunity, she also amused the audiences by a lighthearted jab she had at Meryl Streep sitting at a distance of few feet, titled Streep as her ‘lover’ and ‘great kisser.’ The reference she made was a January 2010 incident at Critics’ Choice Awards whereby Bullock had Meryl Streep in a lip-lock and the kiss got lot of media attention lately.

To continue with her speech, Sandra stated “I thank all the good and all the mean people to me such as George Clooney who kind drowned me in a pool some times in past’ and that ‘I still have a grudge about the same.” Then she talked further and in a serious tone stated that she would like to thank ‘The Blind Side’ and especially her mother for making her learn there’s no religion, class system and no race or no color etc.

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