Tiger Woods press conference streaming today

You might have heard that Tiger Woods got himself into a little bit of trouble back in 2009. After certain of the golfer’s indiscretions become public knowledge he removed himself from the spotlight and went silent. Now, about three months later, Tiger has scheduled a high profile press conference that will be streamed across the web.

The biggest site to pick up the live stream is YouTube, who announced their involvement in a blog post yesterday. The press conference will be streamed through the site’s Citizen Tube channel at 8 am PT/11 am ET.

ESPN will be broadcasting the conference, as will CBS via their CBSNews Ustream page. The Ustream feed already has over 1400 people RSVP’d, leaving little doubt that this will be a well watched event despite few reporters being invited to watch in person.

The AP has a video just in case you want to get a little background:

With only six members of the press allowed into the event it’s clear that internet streaming has become a replacement for a large, inclusive press conference where anyone in attendance can toss questions at the person on stage. This way Woods gets his finely edited speech out to millions of people while restricting attendance to a handpicked group. And, after all, this isn’t exactly a matter of national security, it’s likely going to be  heartfelt apology then the announcement of Tiger’s triumphant return to save the sport of golf.

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