You Tube: the Gateway to Fame

Many are called but few are chosen…then again there is You Tube to start with just in case.

With the miles and miles and miles that the Internet has reached out, getting popular and being seen has shown limitless possibilities for people to show off what their opinions, and talents, are. Even our favorite programs, lessons we missed and those who just want to make documentaries and talks shows (that at times are freaky) are broadcasted through this medium. No wonder Information Overload is the newest illness in town. However, in as much as we become more dependent on the magnitude the internet can provide us with (with regards to communication and information), this has also become the gateway to some of today’s budding stars as there background check shows.

Charice Pempengco of the Philippines gained much attention and fame as a Filipino fan posted her video on You Tube. It was until Ellen De Genres and Oprah Winfrey got her as a guest and asked her to sing on their shows that the world got fixated on this Filipina wonder that can belt and express her singing prowess more than those compared to her age according to records search. She is just one of many who got her name known to every household.

There are more like Charice. Public records search gives another sensation who posted herself singing songs from popular RnB and pop singers got her way to stardom and presently, and recently, released her album entitled “Breathing Water”.  Marie Digby’s rendition of Umbrella was much better than the original and got many people fixated on that beautiful acoustic singer on You Tube. At present she has music videos of her where she guests in shows plus her worldwide premier of her song “Say it Again” which played endlessly on radios.

Charice and Marie are just two reasons why most of us even find a person are getting pretty hooked up with watching You Tube videos. Meanwhile it was by luck that yours truly stumble upon his video followed by their duet till I got to see her original composition sang on video.

His name is Ben Sharkey. While watching Michael Buble’s “haven’t met you yet” video, the side scroll bar showing other related videos revealed another rendition of Buble’s song by Sharkey. Getting fixated on a video from this guy was like saying “I think I love you”. He sang Buble’s song with such fun that one can’t help singing along.  There was one song that he sang together with another YouTube star.

Her name is Tuana Mey. It was one of the Ben Sharkey’s posted video that I got to know her. She is beautiful and she reminded me of Norah Jones-slash-Vanessa Carlton. She also has her own set of videos which showcases her talent not only in singing but also in songwriting. Most of her posts were actually her compositions—one, which caught my attention that I have to play it over and over again—is “don’t say goodbye”.

Charice, Marie, Ben and Tuana are just a few of You Tube’s talents. At present there are still many whom wish to reach fame and have posted their talents on the said site. They even have their Twitter accounts just in case. There are more that I’m sure people would want to look forward for.

One response to “You Tube: the Gateway to Fame

  1. very nice and interesting. checked them out also and i enjoyed their videos…bravo for posting this. it’s a fresh delight for those who love music….

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