Miss Carolina takes home the crown as Miss America 2010.

Miss Carolina, Caressa Cameron from Virginia, won the 2010 crown of Miss America last Saturday night as she lets out her belting voice to Beyonce’s “Listen” as her talent presentation.

The 22 year old beauty bested out of 53 contestants. Background check on Miss America: She’s a journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University and never thought she could win the crown. She always thought of herself as someone with a big voice and can sing very well rather than wearing a beauty queen’s crown.

When asked during the interview portion her thoughts on what records search shows as one of the troubling cases came out: childhood obesity came into the room fluidly as she showed her concern in this matter. She advised that kids should go out more and play– “Expand your mind, go outside and get to see what this world is like.” Caressa said further in her interview. As she won she says that her testament was her family’s strength.

Hosting the Miss America Pageant is EXTRA Host and Actor Mario Lopez with the help of Clinton Kelly of TLC’s “What Not to Wear”. The pageant was broadcasted live on TLC.

Included in the panel of judges were radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, actress Vivica Fox, musician Dave Koz, Miss America 2002 Katie Haraman, gymnast Shawn Johnson, and former American Idol finalist Brooke White.

Background check company shows that all in all Miss America Organization awarded $340,000 in scholarships at the national level.  Cameron, CAvinder and Blaszczyk each won $2,000 earlier in the week for the talent competition. Miss Oregon Barber and Miss New York Alyze Zwick and Miss Puerto Rico Mimi Pabon each won $1,000 in the swimsuit competition. Miss Oklahoma Taylor Treat won $6,000 Quality of Life award. The Scores based on a week of preliminary competitions were added to Saturday’s big event to determine the winner.

With the Miss America crown and $50,000 scholarship, Cameron now has 365 days to gain inspiration and gain momentum so she can shoot through the moon.

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