For the Romantic Movie Junkee: Runaway Bride

In one of the many movie marathons me and my sister do, there are only a few which I consider as something great for me to enjoy. I have always love romantic comedies and have always—always—take into consideration these types of movies which star Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway and most especially Julia Roberts, one movie in particular is The Runaway bride.

Julia plays Maggie Carpenter, a spirited young woman who had numerous unsuccessful relationships were three of which she left at the altar as she runs away. The running she does got her the call “Runaway Bride”.

Playing opposite to her is Richard Gere who plays Ike Graham, a reporter and columnist at a paper owned by his ex wife. As he search for people who can inspire him for a write-up, Ike got himself a topic after meeting with one of Maggie’s jilted ex-fiancés,. Unfortunately, the information he had gained from the said ex got him fired. To redeem himself and to get his job back, Ike now covers the life of Maggie in an investigative report on her life and her presently up-coming 4th wedding. Things got complicated however when Ike and Maggie fell in love.

It’s a great and funny story about a jittery feet girl who finally found someone who knew her than she did herself. It’s a vibrating new type of story which took a decade to develop. Records search shows it had a line-up of fine calibers of actors to play Maggie and Ike. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere completely did the film justice as their chemistry is perfect. This is not their first team up. It can be recalled the Julia’s star to fame started when she became the lead actress in Pretty Woman, where Gere was her leading man.

Perfect for a movie marathon, runaway bride gives that total love struck energy for those who are in love and just want to feel the love.

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