Music Recommend: Love will show you everything

I first heard this song when my cousin recommended that I see the film If Only which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls, as Sam and Ian. In the movie they play lovers where Ian witnessed the death of his girlfriend Sam, after they had a fight—thankfully this was all a dream as he finds himself waking to relive the day before Sam’s death.

Music records search gives Love will show you everything—a song included in the movie’s original soundtrack featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vocal prowess. This was said to be the song she composed for Ian, that during their recital, Ian secretly distributes the notes and have her sing on stage. It was one of the movie’s proudest moments—romantic—and the song: a perfect definition that love is something that helps man grows.

The song gives a strong impact especially as it rises to higher notes plus the backup singers. The lyrics on the other hand was simple and less poetic giving a direct message that when a person loves no questions as to the why and the what, even the how is answered since there is no reason at all.

Background check on the song reveals that co-composing the song was Jennifer Love Hewitt who did a great job as she also sings it. It fitted well with her personality just like what it would do to any composers who sing their own music. Another great song from the movie was also Take Your Heart Back which she also co-wrote and sang. It was featured during the last part after the tragedy she went through.

A definite music recommend: Take my heart back gives any listeners the truth it deserves to hear about love—nothing fancy but a direct message of acceptance and growth. It will definitely find a person loving more (And if you have time, watching the film makes it even better).

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