Music Recommend: Kevyn Lettau’s Sunlight

Imagine yourself on a bright weekend morning, driving your car, and on your way to a getaway just by yourself—wanting to get away from the hussle and buzzle of city. The car is a convertible and the top was off, this allowed the warm breeze to blow your hair making you tingly and feeling more relaxed and—why not if you’re driving along the countryside. To complete the mood here’s that feel good music playing on your radio: Kevyn Lettau’s Sunlight.

I may have heard the song when I was a kid but the simplicity plus the ease on how it was sang was just fantastic. The song was one of those which a person can really have a positive vibe firstly because of the tune and secondly because of its lyrics.

So it’s Sunlight, a song that, public records search shows, became popular especially in Asian countries like the Philippines and Japan. The song is a part of Kevyn Lettau’s album Simple Life, Most of Lettau’s song was actually written by her. However this one was written by Bill Cantos and Ricky Lawson.

Background check shows Bill Cantos knew Lettau way back when they were kids: He was a childhood friend of Lettau while she was growing up in San Diego. He was 15 when she met him and was already great in playing and singing. The song which he and Lawson composed became a huge hit in the Philippines, giving Lettau the chance to travel the said country and enjoy both scenery and people.

Her album Simple Life was mostly recorded at a studio in Santa Barbara, California about 1 ½ hours away from LA where she lives. JVS record label released the said song in 1992.

What’s good about the song is that it speaks of an optimistic view on a relationship and how a new day starts as they find a person to love. It’s like saying that at the end of the day, after all the trials and mishaps that happen, there is something beautiful ahead of us. Sunlight signifies hope—the light which guides.

Sunlight gave Lettau a home away from home in the Philippines. It was also because of this song that she achieved near-superstardom status. At present background check companies show Lettau as a spokesperson for Philippine Airlines and Sunlife Insurance where the commercials used her song.

Going for a drive or just staying at home, be sure to give yourself a truck load of love by having something positive for a tune. Let a ray of sunlight fill the room, or the car, for that promising great day ahead.

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