Learning how to play thousand Miles Away and many more fave music in Piano

It’s a craze since I was in College. Well, being part of the choir kind of gets us all excited at how to play the instruments rather than singing. However there was this one music that we kept figuring out how it was played since most of us usually play the piano by ear. There was Rex who can play any instruments from guitar to piano to drums, Jonar who can do the same, and of course the rest of the gang who can go for either piano of guitar. It was a passion…and it was definitely a challenge when the song “A thousand miles” by Vanessa Carlton got to be a big hit. Everyone who can play got interested in getting the notes or at least try to play it oedo style. Unfortunately most of us doesn’t know how to read notes very well and can’t even get the keys since we all range from different pitches plus the song went by very fast. Years later–and much records search browsing–the song hasn’t faded away and the learning continues. Thank God for You Tube and that endless search for people who are very dedicated in sharing what they know, videos are now available showing how to play A thousand Miles and the rest of those favorite songs.

Vanessa Carlton’s A thousand Miles

On top of my list in You Tube videos teaching A thousand Miles is posted by pielepataan.  Her tutorial version of A thousand Miles is very easy to understand plus she sings along. Another thing I noticed about this tutorial is that she gave an easier way to play the bridge, which she devised herself.

Carter Burwell’sBella’s Lullaby

For the Twilight fanatics, there’s this great piano tutorial from xxwhispers. This pianist stated that he (or she) learned the music by ears the day the song was first released. His (or her) version of Bella’s Lullaby may not be so complete lacking the very emotional and soft play of the intro (which I love so much) and there was no instruction, just slow playing then the normal way.  Another site that offers a complete tutorial, with instruction (and intro) however is not as clear with regards to the visual (well, compared to the other site).

Rhianna’s Unfaithful

Unfaithful has always been one of my favorites in terms of the piano recital pieces that struck such strength in the intro. I’ve seen different versions of its piano tutorials, and at present, while I browse You Tube for more versions, I stumble with something clearer, plus a sort of background check where Rhianna (her voice) sings. This was to show how the piano had hit the right notes perfectly well plus there are guidelines as to which keys the pianist was playing (he was playing in b flat). So far this is my best choice of tutorial for Rhianna’s unfaithful .

Sara Bareilles’ Love Song

My last choice for a great piano selection that every girl would really want to play is Sara Bareilles’ Love Song. The best tutorial so far that I’ve seen is by gotitans999 (a personal favorite) who gave a great tutorials (His was one of my choice for video in Rhianna’s Unfaithful). Instant people search on those who have played this song for an online tutorial clearly shows that his Love Song is one of the clearest so far that even beginners can understand. But for those who know how to play the guitar, the keys being hit are those of chords. Bonus from gotitan999 is his website www.playpianoking.com

Going to Vanessa Carlton’s tutorial on how to play A Thousand Miles; I just found this great site offering free video tutorials while I search for people who posted piano instructions on how to play this song (just happen to stumble upon it again). The site www.freepianotutorials.com offers free lessons in piano.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s pretty use to it, there’s no harm in learning to play piano pieces. Videos such as these are great opportunities to hit the way to total musical extraordinaire. It’s time to enjoy piano lessons for free.

Summary: It’s not hard to learn how to play an instrument or two. For those who wish to learn the piano pieces that hit chart lists there are video tutorials that can be seen in the web showing background check on the right keys and techniques. Here are my personal favorites for you to start with.

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