Rumors to the Sequel 2: there’s a Titanic 3 Trailer on Loose

Titanic: Two the SurfaceThe Titanic Two the Surface trailer by Robert Blankenheim aka Derek Johnson, the 25 year who got every fans of James Cameron’s Titanic wondering if there is a sequel, has gotten great reviews and—here it goes—a follow up. Yup! It’s a trailer for the so called Titanic 3, Titanic Never Let Go.

Background CheckThe said trailer was posted in You Tube, February 26, 2008, by xNightshadex who took the pseudo name Margaret Devaney, which public records search reveals is the name of an actual survivor from Titanic. The plot to the trailer follows Jack Dawson who has been on the run for 10 years. During this time the modern world has taken its toll on Jack and has thus lived a life of a fugitive. What made the said plot more interesting is the fact that records search can’t find his identity anywhere (although the trailer also shows how this happened). As he struggles with the life bestowed on him by the modern world, Jack also realizes that he can’t escape his past and that he has not completely let go of it, especially the memory of Rose.

In the making of the Titanic 3 trailer, the creator asked permission from Robert Blankheim to use clips from his Titanic 2 trailer as an introduction. It, honestly, worked pretty well especially with the new Jack image, gotten from different films. Below is the list where she got portions for her work.

  • Titanic (James Cameron, 1997)
  • Titanic Two the Surface (Derek Johnson, 2002)
  • The Departed (Martin Scorese, 2006)
  • Spider-Man 2 Trailer (for the preview screen only)

For those who have seen The Departed, background check shows how most scenes were taken from it. Some of the said clips were even mashed with that of Titanic’s which indicated Jack struggling with the past which seems to still haunt him.

For the background music, the said creator used the following:

  • Theme from the Spiderman 2 trailer
  • Electric Blue-?
  • Rough Hands- Alexisonfire
  • Titanic Soundtrack- Never an Absolution

The contrast of the beginning and the end of the video was very obvious yet instead of ruining the whole thing it fitted well with her plot. The theme from the Spiderman 2 trailer got a strong hold for an introduction as it fits perfectly to all the drama and chaos that Jack had been dealing with since he got thawed 10 years ago. It also introduced the new him—a criminal and a fugitive. The end part on the other hand, Never an Absolution by James Horner, was a softer tune to fit that give the sense wherein in the end the past is something he cannot escape from nor was able to let go.

To complete the video and for the idea of the plot to sink into the audience, here are her resources:

The voices heard on the background:

  • Titanic
  • Titanic Two the Surface
  • The Departed
  • Aloud King
  • xNightshadex’ own voice

The Sound Effects:

  • Rebostock
  • Hollywood Edge
  • Cartoon Sound Effects
  • Partners in Rhyme
  • Titanic
  • The Departed

Since the trailer got posted in You Tube, Titanic 3: Never Let Go got 521,944 views. It received appraisals like that of its so called prequel trailer.

For the benefit of all those who got inspired to make trailers such as this, or just have fun making a video, here are the programs xNightshadex used:

– Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro

-Windows Movie Maker


-Aloud King

-Photoshop 7.0

4 responses to “Rumors to the Sequel 2: there’s a Titanic 3 Trailer on Loose

  1. i think titanic 3: never let go, is stupid. 1st, “titanic” should have never been apart of the tittle. i mean are they on a ship? answer: noo. why would you even make such a thing. i am not saying that this will not be a good movie. but, things should have been left alone after the original titanic came out!! there should have not been a titanic 2 or part 3. i am against this movie and i am not going to ever see it. i just heard of a titanic 2 like three days ago. now about hour ago i heard about titanic 3! i am only upset because, i feel that not enough thought was put into this. and also, it aint no way in the hell that jack would be alive! (i know this is not true) but, with his body being in the water so many years thats crazy. when fluid frezzes they expand, and a frozen body would cause massive cell damage. no way. this movie is stupid!!!

  2. this is a dumb movie it is just a replay of what happened as if they were making fun of it and why call it jack is back he never does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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