Blind Side Gains Top Position with $20.4M after New Moon’s $15.7M over the weekend

After her blockbuster hit, The Proposal, background check on Sandra Bullock’s latest film The Blind Side has taken the movie world with surprise…and I do mean a BIG SURPRISE.

I wrote on this blog recently at how Twilight Saga: New Moon skyrocketed in the blockbuster at its first filming (earning the rights to third place on the blockbuster hit list). Records search from last December 8’s movie update shows how New Moon was “Eclipsed” by Blind Side,  a drama inspired by the life of NFL star Michael Oher, as it advanced with $20.4 Million over the weekend.

The Blind Side was said to be this year’s movie underdog considering that it only went to the runner up position, coming next to New Moon, for two consecutive weeks. However on its third week, the movie went high as it totals $20.4 Million over the weekend compared to New Moon’s $15.7 Million. This is really a great surprise.

The Blind Side is a story about NFL Star Michael Oher, who was adopted by Sandra Bullock’s character. With the said heartwarming sports inspired film, there have been questions in the past as to why a football movie was to be launched in the big screens early on. However, with this great move, although public records search can’t deny that there is still this big difference with regards to its total gross compared to New Moon’s (the vampire flick really hit $255.6 Million domestically compared to the football-inspired drama’s $129.3 Million), there is no denying that this achievement is all thanks to the movie goers who have seen and did their part in advertising through their personal reviews of the film—recommending the film…

The vampire fever may still be on however real drama, formed by a great cast not to mention a good layout of the story, is something worth taking a chance seeing. At present, the inspiration to the film, Oher, is a rookie at the Baltimore Ravens—the grandest fruit of his labor. This is really one movie not to miss as it will find a person encouraged to fight back against life’s hardships.

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